So... yeah, seems like this will be my very first post, doesn't it?

I made this blog with the idea of having a place where I could share what I do, and have a place where keeping the track of my personal growth. The sharing part is the most interesting part, as currently I have almost no one to give me feedback of my work (Ok all we have family and friends but, you know...).

How this blog works

This blog was created using Gatsby JS (Here my most sincere thanks to the creators).

Gatsby JS

How? Basically, I wrote a bunch of React JS components, like pages and the template for all posts. Then, I use Markdown to create the posts. If you don't know about markdown, I encourage you to learn about it! It doesn't matter if you're an artist, a programmer, a doctor, a dog trainer or whatever kind of career you have, you should learn to use it (It's easy, trust me!).

React components you say? Those might look like:

export default ({ tags }) => (
      This is a component...
    { => <div className="tag">{tag}</div>)}

If you're interested in the matter, want to learn more or get started, I'll post tutorials and things about React.

For the data layer you have to use GraphQL, another jewell of the XXI century. What is? You may ask. Well, it's a tool (or whatever you may call it) that lets you model the data and perform queries in a platform independent way. A short example:

query MyPosts {
  allFiles {
    meta {
    # and so on...

This is a query (Just a dumb example) that might look for posts in your page.

I'll cover that also in future posts, don't worry!

Finally, you have that magic sauce called Markdown, which basically is a way to write markup code, like HTML but in a nicer way. Quick example:

# This is a header

This is a paragraph (Uh, plain text!)

`This is a quote` or something.

A simple [link]( to somewhere.

const you = (msg) => `Can place ${msg}`;

console.log(you("code here!"));


Which ends looking like:

This is a header

This is a paragraph (Uh, plain text!)

This is a quote or something.

A simple link to somewhere.

const you = (msg) => `Can place ${msg}`;

console.log(you("code here!"));

Nice, isn't it?

Final notes

About the frequency of posts, I'll start with two posts per month, and see how it develops.

And with all that said, many thanks for reading and... I think I've finally broke the ice!